I am using the Zettelkasten method to take notes. By far, it is the most effective method of note-taking. I admire the design behind it and the flow of ideas that it creates.

Zettelkasten is mainly a way to link notes between each other, like a wiki, creating connections between your notes. The biggest upside to me is that I can just start writing instead of having to think about where a certain note should be. Categorizing notes is very optional and more often than not, creating connections between notes is more important, and that’s great!

I use Org-roam to digitalize the Zettelkasten method. I can easily integrate it with a lot more stuff like Org-ref and many more to create a seamless note-taking environment.

If you have not tried it yet, you definitely should; it’s an amazing note-taking system.

If you are not quite the Emacs connoisseur, there are alternatives such as Obsidian and Logseq.

More information on Zettelkasten can be found here.