I bought this monitor in particular because I wanted something good for productivity. I wanted something big that would fit all the windows I need into one workspace, and not have to worry about resizing parts of my IDE when programming.

The appearance of the monitor is quite sleek. It has very small bezels and a nice stand. Not much else to say. It’s very minimalist.

The size of it is very big. I thought 32 inches wouldn’t be so big, but it really is big. Of course, it fits on my desk, and I really appreciate the screen real-estate, but if you want to get this monitor for other reasons such as gaming, I would recommend a smaller display (24-27 inches) and at a higher refresh rate (144hz).

The display technology is IPS. I picked this monitor over the other options because IPS is said to be very good-looking.

The resolution is 2560x1440. Very low for the size, or just right, depending on your vision. The PPI is quite low, some might say, at ~92 PPI. If you care about sharpness, you’ll have to reduce it’s size to 27 inches, making it ~108 PPI. For my vision, it isn’t a problem, and I can’t notice a difference compared to my previous monitor. If the PPI is denser, maybe I would notice, but I’m far from having a good vision.

EDIT(26/02/2022): The lack of sharpness has actually become evident since I last wrote this. I would recommend a higher resolution or a smaller diagonal.

The other aspects of the monitor? It has all the ports you need, and the controls are alright, but who even cares about monitor controls, anyway? You set them up once, and then you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

I could have bought a 32-inch 4k monitor, but that would be 3x the price, and I would need to have some relatively powerful hardware to handle it. I could have gone with a lower size, but I didn’t know if I could appreciate the available screen real-estate. I have mixed feelings about my purchase, but I always have with anything I buy, I always try to make good use of my money and buy responsively and informed. Currently, as it stands at the making of this post, it was a good purchase.


Do you want a good productivity monitor? Give it a shot. Do you want a great productivity monitor? Get something else. Do you want a gaming monitor? No chance.

Do your homework before you buy a product and choose responsively depending on your budget and needs.

EDIT(10/08/2021): I have accommodated to the size of the monitor and no longer seems gigantic, rather, it seems quite average.