This blog has not been active for a long time. It has been so long that I have completely forgotten Hugo’s templating syntax.

I have not kept up with the blog’s software dependencies. I am not aware of any breaking changes or added features. My site generation depends on some PostCSS hooks - I believe it is a miracle that it continues to be functional, since the JavaScript package ecosystem moves so fast.

When it comes to software, I keep myself updated and change things frequently. Not this time. For the exception of a few new blog posts every once in a while, I haven’t changed any of the code in two years.

I haven’t been excited about updating my blog over privacy concerns. I have technical information to share, but it’s not exciting enough to spark my motivation to write.

The graybeards reading this might scoff at my remarks, that my blog can still be built two years later. “Two years? Try five or ten years down the line!”. For me, that’s such a long time that I might as well be hit by a bus by then.

Well, *pours some wine* cheers to (hopefully) another year of functional static site generation!