After I had stopped using Roam Research, I started using Logseq. The price of Roam Research was too expensive for me, and I wouldn’t have been able to use it in the near future. Logseq was the closest program to Roam I could find at that time, and I am still using it.

Logseq is overall a great experience. It has its moments of shame when it stutters, lags, or experiences some sort of bug, but they are fixed very soon once reported. If they’re not reported yet, you can feel free to open an issue on their GitHub. That is the magic of open source, after all. The software is constantly improving, and there are a lot of contributors making the software better every day.

A few months ago, I could say that Logseq was not a very good experience, but most of my problems were eventually fixed. In fact, they were fixed a lot sooner than they would have been fixed in Roam Research.

I will keep using it from now on, and I can only hope for their sync as well as their collaborative features to get better over time. It’s an awesome note-taking tool.