There have been a lot more options popping up since I set up my blog. I am currently using Hugo, but with each new software I encounter, I want to switch to something else. What is there to say about that feeling? It’s the craving of adventure, of fun. I barely remember how I got my blog working to the way it does now. I am not a big fan of Hugo, but I respect its simplicity and speed, and doing the right thing since the beginning.

Switching to Static Site Generators specifically, I was thinking of eventually switching to Eleventy or Zola.

There is also the option of the new and much-loved Astro. I can integrate it with SolidJS or Svelte and it might make the whole process of maintaining this blog a lot more fun. I think I prefer this more currently, despite all the JS.

I’m unsure about all of this. I’d have to experiment. My blog is still perfectly usable, but I don’t tend to write on it often. I want to regain my enthusiasm. I’ll see what comes of it eventually.