Since the GDPR, account deletion has become more of a right than a privilege. No more will your accounts rot away in the depths of the internet, for everyone to see. Now, you can just delete your account and all data associated with it. Sure, the data might remain on their servers, but at least it doesn’t remain publicly, which is good enough for most people.

Even after the GDPR, there are still some platforms out there that make the account deletion process unnecessarily hard. One of these platforms is LeetCode. If you want your account deleted from their platform, you’ll have to use their support page where you have to submit a ticket and wait, if not for a few hours, to get your account finally deleted. Really? What’s the point? I’m sure most of their users just give up and let their accounts stay there indefinitely instead of even bothering to use their support page. And I’m sure that’s what they want, but that’s just a theory. If you frustrate your users enough they might just give up and let you have their data. It’s one of those schemes like having a “Cookie Policy” pop-up open when you enter a website, with a BIG, BLUE BUTTON in the center saying “Accept all”; and only some small text at the bottom saying “More options” where you have to un-select every company they share your data with. It’s just an intentional way to inconvenience you. Who knows, it might also be their outdated way of doing stuff, but it’s very irritating.

EDIT: Recent fines have led companies to add “Reject all” buttons to their cookie banners.